Color Shooter! Four colors: blue, yellow, pink and purple; Shoot through the line of blocks by crossing the right color. Can you keep your focus and time it right?

Blocks with the same color as the player are safe to cross. Timing is of the essence, cross a block with the wrong color and you will explode! So you better keep your focus game on and put your accuracy up for a test! But no worries for those among you who tend to lose their focus, there is a special leaderboard that shows who is the best at dying.

Shoot carefully through the blocks with the correct color to obtain diamonds. Earn enough diamonds to obtain new players which all have their own unique set of effects! There are thirty unique players to obtain, are you up for the challenge and can you obtain them all?

Obtain points by shooting through blocks with the right color. Get the best score and challenge your friends on the high score leaderboard! Challenge yourself and your friends and be the best!

Can you time it right and keep your focus? Challenge your friends and be the best! Play Color Shooter now!

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